Ortur Laser Engraving Platform




  • Protect the desktop from damage
  • Fast heat dissipation, exhaust smoke left and right
  • Get clean engraving & cutting & results



Effect Comparison

  • Smoke reduction reduces burns
  • Better results after using Laser Engraving Platform







No Need for any Backing Plate

  • The smoke from the square slot will flow out, and it will not turn yellow
  • Fast heat dissipation, exhaust smoke left and right
  • Weight 1.75KG, 50% lighter than honeycomb panel


Fixed Position

  • Quickly adjust any position, without repositioning, to quickly engrave batches of items




Square Notch

  • Square notch design prevents laserreflection from damaging the laser module



Protect Desktop

  • All-metal structure and 22mm height to prevent laser burning desktop



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